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DJ Roger Lane

Vinyl freaks watch out! Here it is again: The perfect wall of sound. DJ Roger Lane from San Diego, California shared these wonderful pictures of his outstanding record room with us. Beside a collection of around 7000 vinyl records, stacked in IKEA Expedit shelves, Roger will tell more about his favourite hobby in a detailled interview. And you will learn more about his special indian door. Would you like to spin some Records with Roger?

DJ Roger Lane 05

Hello Roger, nice to have you here. As many of our contributors, you got in touch with us through our Facebook wall by posting a picture of your stunning DJ room. Your collection looks a bit like Nick Hornby describes in his novel ‘High Fidelity’. Can you tell us how it all began?

“I started collecting records in 5th grade 1981-ish. My 1st DJ Gig was at the age of 16 playing punk rock records at a skateboard ramp contest in 1987. I was the house DJ for a couple of spots in Downtown San Diego in the mid 90’s. For the last 4 years to current I have had several residencies in the San Diego area playing records ONLY. Currently you can find me – every 1st Saturday I spin Rare Soul & Bootleg Funk for “Happy Hour with Soul” at The Whistle Stop Bar located at 2236 Fern St. in South Park SD. Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday’s I have an 80’s night “Blue Wednesday” playing Alternative Rock, New Wave, Dark Wave etc… at the Black Cat Bar at 4246 University Ave. in City Heights SD. The 2nd Wednesday I have an eclectic set called “All Mixed Up” at the Bluefoot Bar & Lounge located at 3404 30th St. in North Park. Every Thursday I do “Punk Rock at the Ken” at the Ken Club located at 4079 Adams Ave. in Kensington SD spinning Punk records. I also do guest appearances at other venues throughout SD in between band’s sets.”

DJ Roger Lane 04

Roger continues: “I’m a DJ who has only played vinyl records and will only ever play vinyl records. The name of my events & DJ Tag is “Records with Roger” which allows me to turn people onto all different types of “Records”. I rarely play songs most people have heard, in hopes of getting people turned on to a new groove through my records.”

What different styles do you collect?
“What don’t I collect? Ha… Punk Rock, Jazz, Heavy Psych, Soul, Funk, Rock”

Did you ever count your records? How many records do you have in your collection?
“6,000 + LPS & over 1,000 (punk) 7” EP’s (45’s). Here’s a description of my records by each row/square. The top of BOTH cases has stacks of Classical
(Left side Case #1) From top left to right:
ROW ONE- (All 5 squares) Classical
ROW TWO- Punk Rock
ROW THREE- Punk Rock
ROW FOUR- Rock (of all types) Hard, Classic, Alternative, New wave
ROW FIVE- Rock (of all types) Hard, Classic, Alternative, New wave
ROW SIX- Rock (of all types) Hard, Classic, Alternative, New wave”

DJ Roger Lane 02

“(Right side Case #2) From top left to right
ROW ONE- Rock (of all types) Hard, Classic, Alternative, New wave
ROW TWO- 1st 2 squares Rock (of all types) Next 2 squares Jazz
ROW FOUR- 1st 2 squares Jazz. Square 3 Soul. Square 4 DJ House set
ROW FIVE- Square 1 is my DJ-ing Electronic set. Square’s 2 & 3 is my current 80’s set.
Square 4 Trip Hop/Acid Jazz set
ROW SIX- Rare Soul/Bootleg Funk DJ set”

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Can you name some of the artists you worked with? “To mention just a few of my favorites from this last year, I DJ’d shows with Weezer, The Weirdos, Subhumans, Jello Biafra, Fear, Three Mile Pilot, ILL REPUTE, Stalag 13, The Grim & lots more!”

And a short summary of the equipment you use in your room?
“That’s easy: 2 Technics 1200’s + Pioneer DJM 300 + 2 Tascam VL A5 Monitors”

How long did it take to build your room? “This time, once starting on it, it only took me a of couple days. My last record room I had Shelves built into the walls. Over 40 screw holes into the walls were needed to support the shelves. The boards started to warp because of the weight, so with this room I went with IKEA Expedit bookcases. 4 Toggle bolts. Took about 4 hours to put the records in the two cases. I had packed them up with keeping them in alphabetical order by Genre. I numbered the boxes so it went pretty quickly. Unpacked them in order starting with box #1 to box #72 (14″x14”x14″) boxes.”

What are your personal highlight of the room. What are you really proud of? “As far as records, my Punk collection, especially my 7” EP’s. My favorite “Personal Highlight” (favorite item) of the room is my 14th Century Indian door.”

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Can you tell us more about your indian door? “The story of the 14th century door (which takes up one whole wall of my record room) I learned while researching the authenticity of it before I made the purchase from a reliable source, a person who studies Indian architecture. It came from a Palace in South India that was built in the 8th Century. Invaded by armies of Delhi Sultans, then rebuilt in the 1380’s. This was one of the side doors of the Palace. It stands in the original ornately hand carved wood door frame at 5 feet wide x 8 feet tall. At the center of the frame is Kali the goddess of wealth. The door is full of crazy carvings & brass rivets with a hidden door knob. It’s my favorite piece for sure.”

Our last question: Your all time favorite track(s) in your music collection? “Too many. To pick only one would be unfair to all of the great records in my collection that’s not picked or mentioned. But… if it’s a mandatory question I have to answer, I would be comfortable with picking Charles Mingus – “Ah Um” from 1959. That’s a beauty.”

DJ Roger Lane 11

All pictures taken by John O’Mara Photography


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