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GK Machine

A massive vinyl collection combined with producing gear. What do you want more for your sound pleasure? As we started DJ rooms on our Facebook site, we got in touch with GK Machine from Glasgow, Scotland and already published a little preview of his stunning room and setup. Two years later, we got him for a nice interview and wonderful panoramic pictures for our new room of the week volume 60. Have a look at his rare Roland Jupiter 4 synth.

Hello Gordon, you really surprised us with these beautiful pictures of your room some days ago. Could you tell us and our readers how it all started?
“I’ve been a DJ since 1994. Also a producer from 1995 to 1999 but I stopped this for over a decade and begun again in 2010.”

Can you get a bit more into detail about yourself?
“I’d say I’m a pretty leftfield DJ/producer. Not at all commercial or mainstream. My DJ styles vary from venue to venue, the time of the day, the day of the week but when I’m most in my element is definitely when there’s a dancefloor filled with sweaty dancers in front of me and it’s probably after midnight and ideally heading into the early hours. In these instances I play dance floor minded tracks with a nod towards disco, cosmic, techno, rock ‘n’ roll, psyche, funk and house and everything else in between… and beyond! But I like playing laid-back sets too which I do in various venues around Glasgow.”

GK Machine 03

What artists did you meet during your career?
“I’ve met hundreds of artists over the years. I’ve played alongside Soft Rocks, Tim “Love” Lee, Kenny Hawkes, JD Twitch and many more. I’ve produced alongside Telekom as Kinophone, alongside Cracks In The Concrete as Hellvis and have remixed Taperecorder and Williwaw.”

What’s the size of your record collection? “3,500 approx”

What music genres do you collect?
“I collect everything from acid house to avant garde, bossa nova to big beat, classical to cosmic, disco to dark wave, electro to experimental, funk to folk rock, gamelan to garage punk, hi-nrg to hard house, etc etc…you can see how this list is going! ;)”

GK Machine 05

Can you tell us more about the equipment you use in your room?
“For DJing I use two Vestax PDT-5000, Pioneer DJM-800, NAD 302 amplifier, Mordaunt Short MS Avant 902, MacBook Pro 15″ with Ableton Live, Focusrite Saffire Pro 14, Evolution U-Control UC-33 using vinyl and digital files plus some self-produced loops and sounds. For playing live sets in clubs or festivals I use MacBook Pro 15″, Ableton Live, Ableton Push, Focusrite Saffire Pro 14, Evolution U-Control UC-33, DSI Mopho keyboard, Roland R8 (some of this gear is part of my studio set-up, see below)”

“In the studio I use iMac 27″ 3.4GHz i7, Yamaha HS80m monitors, Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2, Ableton Push, Moog Voyager (signed by Bob Moog himself), Roland Juno-60, Roland MD-8, Casio CZ-5000, Sequential Circuits Pro One, Roland Jupiter-4 (modified), Roland SH-101, DSI Mopho keyboard, Roland R-8, Korg MicroKorg, Boss DE-200 delay, Zoom Studio 1201 and a Behringer Ultrapatch Pro.”

What is your personal highlight of the room?
“Highlight of the room has to be a very unique and rare Roland Jupiter-4 with memory modification. I have some pretty amazing synths to be honest but the JP-4 stands out for me. The synth belonged to Simple Minds and was used on their first four albums, arguably their best albums before they became more commercially conscious. Later Mick McNeil passed the synth on to Allan Cuthbertson who engineered for The Blue Nile. It later found its way into my eager hands. The interesting thing is that there is a memory modification to the synth, which gives the synth 32 memory banks instead of 8. This memory modification was made in Sydney, Australia whilst the band were mid-tour! I’d happily bet that there isn’t another one like it in the world. The synth is not always the most stable synth but it’s sound is pretty beautiful. It has one of the best filters I have ever heard and despite the Moog being far more expensive this Jupiter-4’s uniqueness (and its provenance) really makes it appeal to me so much more.”

Click on one of the gallery pictures to open up bigger sized image

What’s your most rare or most expensive record? “Most rare record is possible White Noise “An Electric Storm” or Foetus Over Frisco “Custom Built For Capitalism” but, ironically, the most valuable may well be a CD: The Residents’ Combo De Mecanico “High Horses””

Last one: What’s your all time favorite record in your music collection?
“All time favourite tracks? Wow, that’s a hard question. I’ve been collecting since 1980 so that’s 33 years worth of music to select from. I’d say either The Cramps “New Kind Of Kick” or The Residents “Double Shot”. Both pretty timeless!”

GK Machine 06

Panorama (Click to see full size)


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