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Switzerland seems to be one of those spezial countries, where record collectors and DJs do know exactly how to design and arrange their DJ setup. DJ Othello from Lausanne contributes to our DJ rooms gallery with these wonderful pictures of his interior design and a little interview. A custom made DJ booth made out of dark colored glass provides him the perfect arrangement for his 3 turntables and his modded pioneer mixer. And Othello is a big fan of the limited golden Technics turntables 1200 GLD and the M5G that are completing his setup. You definitely have to check out this deluxe DJ console in our room of the week 59.

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Hello Othello, it’s great to have you here in our gallery. Really cool, that you sent us a picture of your room decorated with a christmas tree :). Merry X-Mas from our team. Tell us a bit more about yourself. When did it all start?“I’ve bough my first turntable in 1987. It was a BST PR-70. And in 1988, I got my first pair of Technics MK2. I am passionate for the mix and I only use vinyl or sometimes Serato timecode vinyl. I’m really into the black music of the 80’s. With my monthly radioshow of the 90’s music, I got in touch with many many artists of the ninetees.

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Your room looks really tidy and neatly arranged. Can you tell us what equipment is shown on the pictures that you use in your room?“I use one PIONEER DJM 2000 mixer, with special modifications for SERATO SL-4 integrated into the mixer by myself (I made a video over HERE). I own three Technics M5G and two Technics 1200 GLD limited. 2 Apple MACs for Serato, 2 DENON HS-1000 for remote control. And I do use exactly the same set up in the clubs I am playing at (I made two DJM 2000 with Serato integrated).”

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How long did it take to build your DJ booth? “In rotation of Every 2 years, I decide to redo my console. In Octobre 2013, I decided to do a special luxury one with a glass top element this time. So the buildup took about 1,5 months.”

What was the most difficult part during the buildup? “The most difficult was the front top glass. It is made from only one piece, with the exact precision holes for my equipment. It had to be produced 3 times before it suited 100%.”

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Did you build something else by yourself in the room?” Not yet. I use really ordinary furniture for the storage of my 12″ LP’s. But I’ve added a lot equipment on top of it. There is a REVOX b77 MK2, Cassette REVOX, all kind of treatment sound a compressor, expander, exciter… And a special legendary mix FREEVOX DJ CLUB.”

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What do you like the most in your room? “Definitely the final console with the three turntables. Really good looking. And of course my Technics SL 1200 GOLD LIMITED EDITION.”

Your collection looks huge and the shelves are really stuffed. How many records do you have in your collection? “What you can see in the main room is only one third of my collection. I guess the whole collection is around 15.000 12-inches, and 700 of 7-inches.”

DJ Othello 05

And our last question: your favourite record for the lonely island? “Oh, it’s really hard for me to choose. I think I ill definitely pick on of the most rare records – a 12 inch of GAYLE ADAMS – Warning You.”



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