room of the week 47 – Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson (also known as Orca A, K2) from Stuttgart, Germany is the owner of this wonderful studio in the attic. While crafting raw Techno beats for several well known record labels, he can recourse to over two decades of underground music. Let’s see where the magic happens…

Scott Robinson 03

Hello Scott, you sent some really nice pictures of your lovely arranged studio upstairs. When did you start making music? “1989, but I took a break between 2002 – 2010”

Tell us more about your vita. “Discovered techno in the late 80’s and felt the urge to get invloved through a shear love of the music. Underground free party scene in the 90’s. Helped put on nights such as Ugly Funk in London in the late 90’s early 2000’s stopped for about 8 years in 2002 got back into it in 2010. Next vinyl is out on Slidebar 008 (The Taste the difference EP) end of April with many other releases forthcoming on Russian Techno, Gaintrax and Darkfloor Sound thoughout 2012. Scott has recently performed at FeierAbend Kombinat in Stuttgart and in Berlin alongside such artists as Cristian Vogel, Bill Youngman, Subhead and Mas Con.”

Beside producing, do you also collect vinyl records? “I have moved a lot over the years so some records had to go but I am building the collection again. Currently there are 250-300 in my collection.”

Some artists you already worked with? “I have had a great opportunity to work with some great artists and producers here are a few of them Russ Gabriel, Nebula 2, JE:5, Mark Hawkins, Grant Barber, Mike Holmes Vadz and Tony Thomas. I would have to say I love working with people but generally I prefer working solo.
There are a 1000 good producers I would love to work with but top of my list are 3 people I consider to be extremely talented Cristian Vogel, Neil Landstrumm and Bill Youngman.”

Scott Robinson 02

For our gear lovers, can we see a list of your equipment? “Sure, I use the Ableton Live Suite, Akai MPK 64, Akai x7000, Alesis IO Dock, Apple iPad, Dave Smith Mopho, Elektron MachineDrum UW mk11, Iomega lexicon sound card, Kenton control freak, Korg Electribe EMX, Korg Electribe ESX, Korg KP3 fx, Korg nano Pad, Korg Micro Kontrol, Korg Monotron (destroyed by the cat and now makes mad sounds), Korg Koscillator, KRK RP5 G2 monitors, Novation BassStation, Roland R8, Roland D2, Technics SL 1200s x2, Yamaha TG33, Yamaha TG300, Yamaha RM 1 X and a Yamaha 16 channel Desk”

Sounds like a lot of fun. If you can choose a highlight, what would you pick? “The two Korg Drum Machines. Back in 1989 you would need a large studio to do what these 2 boxes can do. They are easy to use and can sound clean or totally nasty. Always use them as a backbone to a live set.”

And the last question: What’s your alltime favourite record? “Tough one, if I had to choose it would have to be Newbuild by 808 State. Why? Because that shit was made in 1988 and still blows so much modern techno out of the water. Plus when it came out I played it to death, literally. It was one of the records that got me into making techno and not just listening to it.”

Scott Robinson 04


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