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Alex Flitsch

Connaisseur Recordings label owner Alex Flitsch from Offenbach, Germany is the owner of this wonderful living room. A solid wall of sound with a DJ booth made out of the Expedit series. Let’s see what Alex tells us about DJing and his music room in a little interview.

Alex Flitsch 02

Hey Alex, great to have a feature about you on our site. Tell us and our readers, when did you start being a DJ? “I’ve had my first public DJ-gig in 1994.”

A real turning point in your life? What happened since then? “I run Connaisseur Recordings since 2005 and I have been a DJ and record collector for more than half of my life. I live with my wife Hilary and our daughter Ava in Offenbach, close to Frankfurt.”

How many records do you have in your collection? “Around 6000 I think. During the time I studied, I sold many records. Looking back, most of them are easily missed, however for some, I could cry nowadays. Since that time, I have never sold a record again.”

What equipment do you use in your living room? “2 x Technics SL1210M3D, 1x Vestax PCV 275, 1x Stanton C314 CD-Player, 2x Tannoy Reveal Active Monitors and 1x Alesis S1 Active Subwoofer”

Is there a all-time favourite record? I don’t have THE all-time favourite record. I have favourite records for several periods of my life and special moments and situations. I have my favourite records for the morning, for daytime and for the night. I have my favourite records for when I am sad or I am happy and all of them can change again. This question usually implies searching for old and special records in a collection, ignoring newer releases. I will now take the opportunity to name the one album which I’ve been listening to most since its still quite fresh release in 2009: “Wooden Arms” by Patrick Watson on Secret City Records.”

Thanks for contributing to our site, Alex. Hope we’ll see us at some parties near our hometown Frankfurt.


Alex Flitsch

listen to Alex’s classic 2008 Resident Advisor session and more from Connaisseur Recordings:

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  1. Sowbug says:

    Hey Alex… Nice dj corner :-)

    Musical greetings from Karlsruhe

  2. Panneau solaire says:

    Nice :)

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