room of the week 43 – Francesco Ballato

Francesco Ballato

Another week, another new room of the week. This time we’ve had a nice get together with Francesco Ballato from Basel, Switzerland. He’s into business for over a decade now. Let’s dive into a little Q&A and some more pictures of his room. By the way: Did you notice the cat on the picture above?

Francesco Ballato 02

Hello Francesco, welcome to our site, you made it to room of the week 43. Tell our readers, when did you start DJing and producing? “I began DJing in 1998 and producing in 2005. I was formely known as DJ Fran-G”

A little bit more of your CV, please: “I was a former breakdancer and I am an activ part of Basel’s night life for more than a decade now. Since 2010, I’m running my own little party label called “conaction” and I’m eagerly working on my own productions in a constantly growing studio.”

How many records do you have in your collection? “Around 1500 x vinyl.”

Francesco Ballato 03

What equipment do you use in your room? “Since 05.12.11 – Starring: Ableton 8 Suite, Arturia Vintage, NI Komplete 7, NI Machine, Launch Pad, UC-33 Controller, KC49 Midi-Controller, KRK Rokit 6, Waldorf Blofeld Synthy, Korg D888 Digital Mixer, Korg Kaos-Pad 3, Vestax PMC 17A Mixer, M-Audio Firewire, 4x Technics MK 2, Pioneer CDJ 100s, Numark NDX 200, Pioneer DJM 600 Mixer…Ultra PC & Compaq Laptop”

Francesco Ballato 04

And finally, your record choice for the lonely island? “DJ Rolando “Jaguar” …timeless”


Francesco Ballato 05

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