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Albero made it to room of the week #42 with his lovely basement studio in Switzerland. This is where excellent sound engineering and testing takes place. Let’s see what Albero got to tell us and we’ll have a deeper look onto the equipment that is used here.

Albero 02

Hey Albero, we were already in contact regarding some guest contribution to our blog. Looking forward to see your first article on the blog. Let’s have a look your studio first.

When did you start making music? “I’ve been making music since 2004 but didn’t start making tracks and DJing until 2008”

Let us know more abut your vita. “I’ve been playing music since 2003/04 but I didn’t start taking it seriously until 2008 or so. I just graduated from Berklee College of Music last year so. Things get moving now. I’m also writing about sound, music and gear at

Albero 03

Do you also own records? “Probably around 200, however, there’s still a lot I’d like to get on vinyl.”

For our tech fans, can you sum up your equipment for us? “MOTU 896 (with the Black Lion Audio mod), Roland MKS-50 (with the PG-300 controller), MAM MB-33 bass synth (303 clone), Soundtracs Solo Live mixer, KRK VXT 6’s and RP6’s, an Electrix Filter Queen, and an array of MIDI controllers. I’ve also got a number of guitars along with assorted pedals and an amp.”

Thats a cool collection for still being in your infancy’s. The diffcult question again: Whats the favourite tool in your studio? “Hard to say. I’m quite happy with my Soundtracs Solo mixer.

…and your favourite track for the lonely island?
“If I had to choose a record that I own I’d probably say my “Congo Natty – Calling” vinyl simply because it’s an original Congo Natty pressing.”

Albero 04

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