room of the week 40 – Alex Flatner

Alex Flatner

Studio time – a new room of the week by Alex Flatner from Circle Music in Mannheim, Germany. An enormous studio cockpit with a lot of gear inside. Check out all pictures and enjoy our little interview with Alex.

Alex Flatner 04

Hey Alex, thank you for your time and for having you on board.
Let us know when you started your carrer as a DJ and producer?
“That was in 1996”

Tell us a bit more about your milestones in the music biz.
“Since 1996 I’ve had several releases on Cocoon, Poker Flat, and my own imprints Circle Music and Gedankensport and I worked as an A&R for Plastic City, Harthouse and some more labels.”

So you’re kind of a real musical ambassador. Whats the size of your record collection? “I own about 11.000 to 12.000, but stopped counting, probably there are even more…”

Alex Flatner 05

We’ve already seen a lot of your equipment on the pictures. As we have a lot of gear fans on our site, can you name a few parts you use in your studio? “Oh, thats a lot, but I’ve made a list for you guys:

Genelec 1031 A
Klein & Hummel 0300
Adam Hall Sub 12

Apple Intel Mac/Dual 2 GHZ

Mackie 24 8 Bus / Mixing Desk
Dangerous Summing Mixer 2 Bus 16
SSL Alpha Link 24 Channel
Lake People Ampflifier 8 Channels
Manley Massive Passive EQ / Mastering Version
TF Pro 38 / EQ
TF Pro P9 / Compressor

Moog Voyager Select Edition
Roland Juno 60
Roland Juno 106
Roland Jx3p
Roland SH 101
Roland JP 8080
Clavia Nord Lead 2
Virus B
Waldorf Pulse +”

What are your personal highlights of your studio? “My Moog Voyager and my Manley Massive Passive EQ”

And your all time favourite record? “Zoot Woman / Living In A Magazine, Cafe De Fleure / Charles Webster Remix”

Alex Flatner 03


Latest tracks by Alex Flatner

Alex Flatner 02

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