room of the week 38 – Marco Duits

Marco Duits

A room with a view that is absolutely breathtaking. Marco Duits lives in Holland but is the owner of this wonderful room in Chengdu, China. Its not only the view that’s so impressing about this room. Why? Let’s have a little interview to get to know more about Marco and more pictures from his room.

Marco Duits02

Marco, please tell us more about yourself: “I started DJ-ing in Holland around ’99 and always been in collecting vinyl since I was 12. This love for vinyl has never stopped and I still buy vinyl till date”

Why is your room something special in China? “The room is based in Chengdu, China and frequented by lots of local DJs. For many of them its a first introduction to vinyl in a place where it doesn’t really exist, because in China hardly anyone has vinyl records. It has taken me many years of flying back and forth to get all my precious vinyl out there from Holland. This room is in an office building which enjoys having no neighbors at night to complain resulting in many enjoyable nights of loud DJ-ing with friends and digging thru vinyl.”

Wow, thats great, how many vinyls do you already bring to Chengdu? “I think I have roughly 1900 to 2000 records in my collection.”

And what record was it absolutely worth it flying all the long way to your room? “Too many records to call one my favorite, but one that really stands out must be Global Communication – 76:14”


Marco, thank you so much. We hope you will continue your lectureship of vinyl records to make it available for all fans of classic DJing.

Marco Duits03

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