room of the week 37 – THEALIEN


These pictures show the amazing studio by Jason Page aka THEALIEN. The complete room looks a bit like a cockpit of an UFO. Instead spacship controls you can find synths, drum-machines, mixers and soundsystem. Let’s have some more information from outer space…


Jason, since when do you call yourself a DJ or producer? “I have been a vinyl techno DJ since around 1991, producing since around 2000. As hobbyist.”

Tell us a bit more about yourself: “I’m an artist, whether it’s oil painting, making music, playing records or building and modifying vintage analog drum machines. I never went to a school or took a class. I’m completely self taught. Playing small warehouse partys here and there and just pushing the boundaries of sound and the manipulation of it. Love it! Taking all of these things to the extreme.”

How many records do you have in your collection? “I have around 3000 records mostly techno, some deep house and grity electro”

What are your favourite machines in the studio? “What I’m using in my studio right now is a modified tr-606, tb303, vc303, pro one, a euro rack style modular, maschine and ableton live”

And your alltime favourite record? “I don’t really have a favorite record because it’s always changing, but, just about anything on pcp records, sine wave or conrail.”



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  1. DEE JAY says:

    Oh man..Dj equipments paradise..Lol
    Thanks man..:)

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