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This is not Detroit, this is Det.Riot with a lot of Detroit music in his record collection. Based in Karlsruhe (Germany), the owner of this room of the week does not only have a unique DJ booth with Jack lyrics and a reference sound system, he does also have a little sauna in his room. Some of you might remember one picture of that room as we started our site on Facebook. Have a look at the whole story with awesome pictures.

Det.Riot 02

Hello Manuel, thanks for sharing those great pictures with us. Can you tell us and our readers, how everything started: “I’m a DJ since 1994, also known with my former moniker nusoul303. DJing draw my interest being accidently at the first Time Warp in Germany. That was an awesome experience in an old warehouse in Ludwigshafen.”

Tell us more about yourself: “I’m one part of the formation Signatures of Music. We’re two DJs and “bedroom-producers” since 12 years. As you can see I really like the sound of Detroit. It started 12 years ago with the music of Jeff Mills, Atkins, Derrick May and later Moodymann, Parrish and their roots. We’re having our own radioshow every four weeks at Radio Querfunk Karlsruhe. Beside of all that music thing, I’m also really interested in cabinetry and graphic design. If you ask me about my motto, i would say: there ist no skool like the oldskool, I love vinyl, the Opel Diplomat B V8, and i hate that whole MP3-Laptop “DJing” and mainstream things – wether it’s music, cars, clothes, politic attitude etc.

There will be a vinyl LP on a well known label under my producing moniker Soul:Riot, soon. Really looking forward to this one.”

How many records do you have in your collection? “I’ve had about 4.000, but reduced my collection to 2.500.”

Det.Riot 03

Give us some info about your custom built booth and reference rack. Looks like it took a lot of time to built them: “Did not take that long. One week for the DJ booth, 4 weeks for the rack with the two tube amplifieres. The rack consists of old roof beams that had to be edited first. I’m really lucky to have a talanted father-in-law FRANZ HEUBERGER who helped me with building all this custom furniture.”

What equipment do you use? “DJing: 2 x Technics 1210, Mixer: Allen & Heath, 2 x power amplifier Vincent SP 996 and my producing equipment is: PC, APC, a good old Roland MC 909 Groovebox, KRK VXT 6, nothing else.”

Det.Riot 04

What are your personal highlights of the room? “Beside the two Technics turntable i have a little sauna in my room. That’s really joyful.”

Det.Riot 05

What are your all time favourite record(s)? “hm. my all time favourite… that’s tough… Detroit Experiment (Carl Craig & Band), Antibalas – Who ist this America?, Saul Williams – Amethyst Rock Star, Squarepusher – music is rotted one note. And in the House/Techno genre: Dopplereffekt – Infophysix, Tres Demented – Demented, Jeff Mills – Waveform Transmission Vol. 1, Theo Parrish – first floor, Moodymann – Silentintroduction, Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts Vol.1”

Det.Riot 06


Det.Riot 07

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