Plattenkreisel by Kidd Lando

circle vinyl storage by Rod Skunk

And our journey continues to the best kept and unique rooms from all over the world. For the love of vinyl, Kidd Lando (aka Rod Skunk) from Munich created the so called “Plattenkreisel”, a custom vinyl and DJ booth circle that contains about 2500 vinyls that looks a bit like a huge bathtub. Let’s get into details with Rod Skunk with a little interview and dive into vinyl. Edit: The famous Plattenkreisel is available for your room, from fall 2017. Kidd Lando offers to build your own unique handcrafted piece on demand.

Rod Skunk sitting in his famous Plattenkreisel

picture by Marcus Schlaf

Edited: October 2017

Hey Kidd Lando, we really like the idea of a round DJ booth. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. When did you start DJing? “I DJ since 1991. Since 1997 I am co-organizer of the nightclub The Atomic Café in Munich. From 1998 to 2007 I ran a monthly 2-hour radioshow on a Munich local radio station.”

Tell us more about your passion for the music. “I was born in 1970. As a DJ I was socialized in the late 80s both by first garagepunk-/psych-revival and northern soul/acidjazz on the other hand. This range with all it’s subgenres still defines my musical taste today combined with a few midskool- & underground-hiphop. I also visited ebm- and house-parties regularly in my early 20s.”

Rod Skunk

Your DJ booth is unique and really classy, who built it? “The Motivation for my Plattenkreisel (Bavarian for record circle) was pure laziness – reaching every record in under 30 seconds without getting up. So I drew a blueprint and gave it to a carpenter friend of mine, Michi Lock, for constructing. He fixed some details and the whole construction took him a couple of weeks to build. It consists of five pieces, each one very heavy.”

How many records do you keep in your room? “I own about 2000 LPs and 1000 45s, 80% pre-1975 today. It used to be the double size in 2006 – I started selling all records I don’t really like anymore, regardless of being important for me in the past. Trying to keep records I know and appreciate now, only”

Rod Skunk 03

What equipment do you use? “Braun CSV 60 tube-amplifier (1962) – not the best amp, but still works fine with a warm sound. I have nostalgic feelings about it, bought it in the 90s. Pioneer DJM-300-S mixer – small and simple, satisfies my homelistening needs. 2x Technics 1210 turntables and a MacBook for my streaming-software (nicecast/djay/itunes). About 6000 tracks (ca. 15 days) from slow hangover tracks to Saturday’s uptempo, sorted by BPM and Keys. Mostly taken from my former CD-collection.”

Rod Skunk 02

Whats your alltime favourite record in your collection? “I like them all actually, but for a desert island it would be: Curtis Mayfield 2LP Curtis/Live! (Curtom Records, cut in 1971 at The Bitter End, NYC)”

Yeah, we love that record, too. Thats one of those albums that can be played continuously. Thank you for the interview, Kidd.

Edit: Soon You can get your very own Plattenkreisel. A handcarfted masterpiece with a peerless feeling of being in a vinyl command centre. Get in touch with Kidd Lando through one of the following links.


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7 Responses to Plattenkreisel by Kidd Lando

  1. valen says:

    sure like the style and the atomic cafe!!

    respects and shout outs from berlin!!!

  2. Rita says:

    Hey i love this set up!
    Where were you able to purchase the furniture where you keep your vinyls?
    I’d love to know. ^_^

  3. Yes, but does it spin? :D

  4. skunk says:

    best boy

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