room by Renato Da Rocha

Renato da Rocha

Here we have another nice and compact bedroom studio from Renato da Rocha (UK). The room is fully packed with self made sound insulating and four screens for comfortable producing sessions. Let’s have a look on the equipment and a little Q&A with Renato.

Renato da Rocha 02

Hey Renato, you’ve already sent your pictures a year ago. Now we finally got the article ready and its a pleasure to have your room in the gallery.

Tell us, when did you start producing your own stuff? “I like to call myself a producer since 2005 im on the right track (so i think).”

Let’s get to know you a little better, tell us more: “I would say I’m a simple person, love arts, respect nature and people for what they are , at the minute my passion is music and create some, hope some day to have a few great tracks professionaly mixed. I’m noone famous atm, just enjoying every second of this process that is to learn and to create music with both analogue and digital methods.”

Renato da Rocha

What equipment and software do you use in your studio? “Here’s a list: studio monitors – Mackie MR-8, analogue mixing line mixer – Mackie 1202 -VLZ3, midi controlers – KORG Kontrol 49, KORG padKontrol, outboard units – Behringer Virtualizer Pro, Behringer Sonic exciter, Behringer Ultragraph Pro, software used mainly – Cubase 5”

Do you also collect vinyl records? “I respect vinyl and vinyl lovers, but dont have any. :(”

Thank you for the interview!

Renato da Rocha


Renato da Rocha


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