room by Marius Sahdeeq

Marius Sahdeeq

DJ rooms meets SPIELRAUM and CESTRAW. This picture shows the nice and comfortable living room by Marius Sahdeeq (KI Records) from Cologne, Germany. Let’s have a look at some more Detroit, Deep and Dancable…

Marius, when did you start being a DJ? “I’m DJing since 2004.”

Yourself as a DJ in 2 sentences? “I’m living in cologne and in love with deep basslines and groovy records. no matter if its house, techno or dubstep!”

Estimated size of your record collection? “About 1500 records”

Tell us your all time favourite record(s). “There are a lot of club-records I play really often, but I was very impressed of the complete basic channel collection.”


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  1. Dee Jay says:

    I love vinyl..I love techinks MK..I love old school djing..

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