room by David Hasert

David Hasert
foto by Stefan Braunbarth

A new room for our gallery by David Hasert (Cologne, Germany). As you already know from our rooms of the week, we’ve also had a little interview with David.

David, when have you startet DJing and producing: “2002”

Describe yourself in 2 sentences:¬† “I Startet with Hip Hop in the late 90s. I also played¬† Trip Hop and Breakbeat to House and Techno. I’ve started producing and DJing Techno when I moved to Cologne in 2002. Of course I am influenced by the sound of the city but I also try to do my own thing.”

size of your record collection: “Only 200 – 300. Most of them are recent demos I received from friends. Im not a vinyl junkie, so I give away lot of my old and newer records to friends that have a more emotional approach to the vinyl thing. I also play with vinyl but I like the sound of high resulated Wav file played with a CDJ aswell.”

highlights: “my first self recorded vocal that didnt kill my studio partners ears for my first release”


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