room by DJ Naund

DJ Naund

A warm welcome to DJ Naund, aka Rudi from Coesfeld, Germany. A room with a beautiful few from the flanking balcony. We really like this cozy room and we are sure the owner really enjoys playing records in here. You see his old setup in the first four pictures and his new setup in the new room in the last pictures below. Check out the Fisher Price Microphone.


Custom Cardboard Vinyl HiFi Console

Cardboard Vinyl Shelve

Ever imagined that your furniture could be built completely with carboard layers? Chris Cushingham from New York glued layer upon layer together and added a walnut wooden veneer to the front. The console was built to fit HiFi audio equipment and a part of your record collection. It’s an impressive console for showing vinyl records. Would this shelve fit your needs?


Gaslamp Killer’s Record Collection – Video

Gaslamp Killer

In this video The Gaslamp Killer (also known as William Benjamin Bensussen) is showing his producing studio and record collection in his house in Los Angeles, California. Known for his weird electronica and alternative Hip Hop beats, the interior design seems to be a mirror to his music. About 11.000 records split everywhere at his house with different listening areas and an archive at his mother’s. He owns some Flying Lotus test pressings, a sealed album section and shows some of his favourite records of his collection. Fuse did it again with a really great and intimate episode of Crate Diggers. Check it out!


littleBits KORG Modular DIY Synth Kit

littleBits KORG Synth Kit 01

littleBits teamed up with KORG to build the first modular synthesizer that comes in a DIY Kit. Every part can be combined easily with each other using magnets. The kit is especially easy to use for those who want to get their first hands on modular analogue sounds and its a fun tool for experts to create music. This lightweight package weights about 600 grams and comes with a two oscillators, a random noise module, a Keyboard, a Micro Sequencer, an Envelope Filter, Delay, Mix, Split and a Synth Speaker. Of course you can include other littleBits parts into your arrangement. The littleBits Synth Kit is based on the KORG-Modell MS20 mini. Let’s see how this tool works!


Hand Painted Vinyl Art by Daniel Edlen

Vinylart Covers

Daniel Edlen brings his fantastic drawing skills onto vinyl records by doing white acrylic portraits of the well known artists. Each portrait on the record album is hand-painted and unique. Daniel also does on demand work if you have a preference for your favorite artist. Some of his works are still available. Prices are about $280 for each. We think that’s a perfect way to immortalize your favorite artist on the best and most beautiful music source. Pictures say more than words – Take a look at these fantastic artworks we picked for you.


room of the week 58 – Retro Soulman

Retro Soulman 15

This is one of those absolutely magic inspirations, why we started DJ rooms three years ago. Retro Soulman, a 29 years old artist from Greece built his own oldschool DJ console over the years to fulfill his own dreams and needs for the perfect DJ setup. He was always looking to bring the vibe of former clubs like the Paradise Garage directly into his living room. For this feature, we have a lot of pictures for you and get into details about the construction of the console within our interview. Must see and read!


room by Patrick Chardronnet

Patrick Chardronnet 01

This massive studio is located in the calm and beautiful village Höfen in the south of Germany near Black Forest. With the first release on Connaisseur Recordings (CNS001) in the year 2005 “Eve by Day” all eyes and ears turned to his special and calm sounding tracks. Patrick built this music studio over a few years with every detail. The summary of the equipment that is used in this studio stands for high quality electronic music itself. Let’s see how Patrick adds his typical calm and pumping fingerprint to all of his tracks and why also his cat loves the sound.


The Miracle Technics 1200s Turntables

Miracle Technics 1200s

What the h*** happened to this pair of Technics 1200? Some weeks ago, we got in touch with Technics turntable ambassador Angelo from works1200. He refurbishes your old and dirty beloved decks and brings them back to live with customized bodys and new parts. As we all know: Technics turntables die really hard. In the gallery of his previous clients and works, these rusty and sanded pair of 1210s really got our attention. When they arrived at his garage, they looked like they were jammed at a coral reef for several decades. It would take a miracle to bring them back to life. Angelo titled them as the most challenging decks he has ever done. Take a look at how these turntables came back to life with a wonderful glossy white body and new parts. You’ll never imagine again how these looked like in the past. Click on the gallery to see the complete journey from of the makeover from a rusted and disused body parts to white polished dream turntables.


‘Behind The Beat’ Book by Raph

Behind The Beat

Hell Yeah! The news of the re-issue arrived us last week and and finally we’ve got our very own issue. Photographer Raph (Rafael Rashid) made this really stunning book back in 2005 featuring the bedroom studios by famous Hip Hop DJs and producers like J Dilla (RIP), DJ Spinna, Madlib, DJ Premier and many many more. 160 pages of pure oldschool studios and vinyl collections.


room by Danny Tenaglia

Danny Tenaglia

Ok, ladies and gents, this could be the most wicked rooms we’ve featured on this site. Some of you already know it from the blog Deep Absurdum back in 2012. Well known DJ Danny Tenaglia from the US, who created such catchy tunes as ‘Music is the answer’ does not only have one room for producing and listening to music. He takes it to another level and shows his Loft with different workspaces from DTour Inc., Be Yourself Int. and Stay Tuned Productions, where all the magic and business happens. Just to name a few highlights: approx 20.000 records, 6 white woofer stacks, Scully Dubplate machine, studio, custom DJ booth and much more to discover. What dou you think – rate or hate? Leave your thoughts in the comments.