Little Tiny Record Store

Little Tiny Record Store

How lovely it is – a record store in a box. We found these pictures on Ilxor Board by a user that made this little tiny record store. He designed a template in Indesign and printed every detail onto four A4 pages of paper. After a lot of slicing, glue and forming and a lot of fine-tuning, a beautiful miniature mockup came to life.

Little Tiny Record Store 02
All Albums are 1cm square, to give you all an idea of scale.


Little Tiny Record Store 03

Tiny Record Store 05

Source: Ilxor User “Not only dermatologists hate her (James Morrison)”

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4 Responses to Little Tiny Record Store

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  2. arnaud says:

    Looks cool :-) Nice to do at a rainy sunday afternoon!

  3. unnamed says:

    wow! super!

  4. PetrryuiPH says:

    All the good mood!

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