How to clean a vinyl record? – Video

Clean Vinyl Record

You know that awful moment when you’ve just bought a really rare record at the flea market, see no scratches but loads of dust and fingerprints on it. Oh, you don’t want to put your needle on that one, when you return home. But how to get rid of that soil? Some people use record washing machines, some use wood glue to pull out the dust in the grooves. In this video, YouTube user SupraWes explains his almost perfect DIY cleaning process for soiled vinyl records using a turntable, washing fluid, a vacuum cleaner, microfiber towels and a drying rack. What’s your favourite way to clean your records like a sir?

Click Play to watch! The main cleaning process starts at 8:00

Cannot see the video? Watch directly on YouTube

Another more common and established way to clean your records is by using something like the Knosti Disco Antistat record washer. You can order these packages in Germany since 1978! With this set you get everything you need, to wash and dry your records in an easygoing way.

Knosti Disco Antistat
You can order it directly through AMAZON to get rid of the dust on your records.
Save your needle, save your sound – get rid of the dusty grooves!

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  1. Shane Green says:

    There are a load of different methods out there and everyone will give different advice when it comes to cleaning vinyl records. I found a few nice tips over at which would be a great read for any beginners.

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