Georg Kreisler – Du bist neurotisch

Text & Fotos by Valentino 45

Dig Of The Week #17

Legendary Austrian born comedian displays his skills for recorded pharmacautical advertising from the 50s.

Georg Kreisler fled to the USA in the 1940s and actually gained citizenship there, before returning to Austria after the war. This record would have been the equivalent of a free branded alarm clock for insomiac medication users. It was actually meant to promote a cough medicine called “Embrocin” and would probably have contained some sort of opiate in order to supress this. So giving out free comedy record to people in bed coughing, getting drowsy off the synthetic heroin was certainly an interesting apporach to marketing drugs, Georg here seemed well aware of this conflict of interest and manages to squeeze some very spicy lines into it about doctors, medicines and the likes.

This weeks dig is sung in German and accompanied himself on piano. I did manage to find this online on Amazon but without the sleeve unfortunately. He was most famous for his sarcastic humour, especially a piece called “Tauben vergiften im Park” (“poisoning pigeons in the park”). In general he held a very critical postition on most current themes from policeman and the church to the euro and even reality itself. Nothing was taboo for this master of the German language, singing in many different local dialects.

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