Luther Vandross – Never Too Much

Text & Fotos by Valentino 45

I know you’re all thinking not this worn out old pop, sold millions – nothing special about this record! And you’re not completely wrong just when you do have one for your private listening pleasure, scratching it about, mixing it with other boogie funk from back in the 80′s, marveling at the classic slapbass perfomance of Marcus Miller or simply playing the absolutely stunning opening break, arranged by the infamous Motown arranger Paul Riser aided by Nate Adderley Jr. as often and loud as you please, you will see why i chose this dutch picture sleeved first issue as this weeks dig. Nothing rare, or by any means expensive – just definately one good reason to love vinyl!! And seemingly completely banished from youtube – Happy digging!!

Most certainly Luther Vandross’s most distinctive track, probably long underrated by some and overplayed by others in the wealth of post-disco boogie tunes of 1981, only to be dug up again to be thoroughly milked in it’s “’89 remix”!
Since this single launched him into superstardom, Luther, which his first own band was also called, became one of the biggest Soul acts of all time, literally selling vinyl by the warehouse! In March 1989, he sold out 10 consecutive live shows at London’s Wembley Arena.

Just check a welcome he got in 1994!

He continued a passionate artistic career completing another 15 or so, often highly acclaimed, Lp’s, doing his bit for charity with Michael Jackson, receiving a total of 8 Grammy’s, all while battling diabetes and obesity, increasing his chances of severe cardiovascular disease, which would lead to his untimely death 7 years and one day ago, leaving millions of fans including Stevie Wonder Patty LaBelle, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston amongst others devastated.

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