Werner Müller – Es Geht Ein Spielmann Durch Das Land

Text & Fotos by Valentino 45

Es Geht Ein Spielmann Durch Das Land by Werner Mueller

It’s the opening game of the European Championships and i’m gonna show some patriotism here with a fine 50s Pop-Ballad from Germany! With “Es Geht Ein Spielmann Durch Das Land” i dug up a nice little, probably mid 50s original, definately issued afer 1954 this one – as it has the “new orange Polydor label” on the German Polydor label, which was actually already owned by EMI at the time through it’s Electrola branch.

Great ballad about a poor, travelling, lone “Spielmann”, which directly translates as “Playboy” and recently saw a reissue on CD, compiled by Germany’s huge Schlager-Star Udo Jürgens and it really is a fine little Summer-Ballad in the good old german Schlager-Style!!! Wholesome, Heartfelt, Well-Arranged with plenty of fridgid mentions of “lachende Mädchen” or laughing girls and sweet Harmonies Vocals provided by The Trocaderos… all based on a country tune from the good old U.S.A entitled: “My Lips Are Sealed” originally recorded by Jim Reeves.

So to sum it up: German Schlager, on English Label based on an American Country Harmony … aaah that’s summer!

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