Freddy Scott’s Orchestra – Hangin’ Out

Text & Fotos by Valentino 45

Freddy Scott’s Orchestra - Hangin’ Out

Boys and Girls I tell you: My heart skipped a beat to that open drum loop at the beginning of this absolutely storming New Orleans low-down dirty funk instro.

Awesome horn arrangements with a great call and response dynamic! One screachy guitar riff reminiscent of some great rocksteady! Allen Touissaint style piano all over it of course and a slow groovy bassline to send any neighbour into a deep hypnosis rather than into a neurosis like on some mindnumbing techno beat! hahahah … who said Berlin wasn’t funky?! Well I may have until this Sunday! Goddam good diggin’ in the capitol of techno!

Oh, and big shout out’s to some UK Funk Hounds for giving me the initial tip on this FUNK MONSTER – as it was featured on a great NOLA funk comp entitled:

Funky 45′s Volume 1 on Planet Funk (Bootleg Label), which first got me on the case of this Marlin Records release with the catalog number: 45-16003.

Ok here is the soundfile:

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