Horace Andy – Skylarking

Text & Fotos by Valentino 45


The man, the voice – the living legend that is Horace Andy here on one of his most infamous and rare outings: Skylarking on Bongo Man! This rare label is of course a Studio One imprint and ,contrary to other claims or credits, would have been a production of Clement “CoxSone” Dodd This 45 was tracked down by me with a crack in its vinyl!!! The nightmare of any 45 collector- never seen a 12″ do that- crack from run in all the way to the label in a straight “hairline”! Horrible… I’ve had a few and i just pop a drop of superglue on the edge and pray for the best!

Check the sound recorded of the actual record here:

And the Official Version as Originally released in 1972 – at least this is what popular records suggest though the first lp was released in 1969 on Studio One and i have a feeling this issue may well be from the 60s too – but this is all just speculation until someone in the know stepos forward!

The “dub” is credited to the Underground Vegetables which would have been just another synonym for The Scorchers or The Soul Brothers or The Soul Vendors or to a large degree also The Skatalites who were all names for the group of musicians in and around Studio One and the necleus of CCD.

At 60 years of age Mr. Horace Keith Hinds is showing no sign of slowing and his message and voice is strong as ever – this has always been one of peace, sociality and universal love! Congratulations in advance for the 19th February when he will be commencing the next 60 years of his Life!!!

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